New York property agents sell homes via Snapchat


Snaplistings shows followers inside apartments that are offered for rent or sale. (Photo: Anthony Quintano, Flickr)

Real estate agents in New York have found a novel way of selling apartments – via Snapchat.

The Snaplistings account was conceived by Michael Hoffman and Dolly Meckler, after Meckler was flooded with direct messages by her followers, who wanted to know the real estate broker of the swanky apartment that she filmed, reported CNBC.

Four agents at Snaplistings show followers inside apartments that are offered for rent or sale across the city. The followers can send direct messages to the agents for viewings, or ask them to find apartments that suit their needs and budget.

“Most of the leads are coming from lower-priced rentals and apartment listings due to the younger Snapchat audience. With that said, we also are featuring listings upwards of US$6 million (S$8.59 million) which are proving great entertainment value for our real estate interested followers,” said the founders.

Hoffman and Meckler noted that cheaper rental properties are more popular with their clients.

“We are creating a range of content, but have found that the affordable rentals perform best with our audience demographic because they can take immediate action on them.”

And while the two are continuing with their day jobs at a TV network, Hoffman and Meckler hope Snaplistings has the potential to generate more money.

“We are definitely thinking about the future of the brand and are excited to explore potential partnerships to help build on our mission,” they said.

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